A detailed explanation of how many objects are created while using “string literals” vs using the “new” keyword and JVM allocates memory when it comes to the String class.

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Hello! Welcome to a new blog. Today I am going to talk about a very common yet very important concept. In interviews, you will get a lot of questions centered around this topic.

Why is String immutable? What is String constant pool? How many objects are created when you write this piece of code String s1 = new String("Guess"); ? What are the benefits of having a String Pool? What does…

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Hey there! I am a full stack developer with 3+ years of experience based out of West Bengal, India. Today I will walk you through a setup trick to prepare your project structure for running react and spring boot app on the same port, and package them as a single artifact. You will see how easy this can make development when dealing with both of these game-changing technologies.

Here is the GitHub link of the demo that I am going to explain here.

Advantages of this setup

1. Combines the ease of development of both create-react-app and Spring Boot.

2. You can use the…

Arpan Banerjee

Software Engineer II @ Cerner Corporation | Java | JavaScript | Spring | React | Angular | Docker | Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/banerjee-arpan7/

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